JUNE 15 - 18, 2016, QINGDAO, CHINA
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WRSA and ARPA Grants

In order to encourage scientists and graduate students from developing countries to attend this congress, the WRSA, ARPA(Asian Rabbit Production Association) and the Organizing Committee of 11th World Rabbit Congress offer 18 scholarships (10 from the WRSA and 8 from ARPA and the Organizing Committee) for rabbit scientists or graduate students from lesser developed countries (LDC's) to attend and present papers or posters at the 11th World Rabbit Congress. The WRSA will provide the grants for 10 researchers from non-Asian LDC's, while the ARPA and the Organizing Committee will cover the expenses of 8 researchers from Asian countries.


Selection Criteria for offering Grant

1. The selected candidate must be a member of their WRSA local branch or become a member to qualify for any support. If there is no local branch, the candidate may join an existing branch that best suits his/her needs.

2. Preferably, support will be granted to young scientists under 35 years of age who has not received previous travel support from the WRSA to attend a world rabbit congress.

3. Candidates from all continents where most LDC's (lesser developed countries) are located (Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa, Asia) will be represented.

4. Three types of grant will be offered according to the final budget availability: full support (free attendance, accommodation expenses, travel), partial support (free attendance, accommodation, expenses) and basic support (free attendance). The candidates selected with a full support grant will pay in advance the travel costs and will be reimbursed at the congress presenting the travel documents (invoice of flight/train tickets).

5. The candidates will be considered for grant assignation only if they have submitted a research paper (3-4 pages) that has been accepted by the scientific committee either as oral communication or poster presentation.

6. The selected candidate must participate actively during the congress by presenting a submitted and accepted paper as an oral and/or poster presentation.

7. The selected candidate must also participate in the Round Table and in any other organized event that has a focus on rabbit production in LDC's.

8. Candidates must electronically submit the following materials: a letter of interest, a copy of the submitted paper, a short CV (<10 pages) including a list of rabbit research publications, an estimate of the air travel cost. The letter of interest should also clearly provide evidence of why local funding support is not available. These materials may be submitted as separate e-mail attachments to Dr. Steven Lukefahr
(s-lukefahr@tamuk.edu). The deadline date is January 25, 2016.

Final decisions on scholarship will rest with the grant committee.


Grant Application and Evaluation Schedule

Materials SubmissionSeptember 1st, 2015January 25th, 2016
EvaluationJanuary 15th, 2016February 15th, 2016
Notification to AuthorsFebruary 15th, 2016February 20th, 2016

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