JUNE 15 - 18, 2016, QINGDAO, CHINA
Scientific Program Updated

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poster presentation

All posters will be presented in the poster area (Zhonghua Hall 2, on the first floor). The poster board is 1.0m wide×2.5m high, sellotape will be provided to fix your posters to the poster board.

Every paper for poster presentation has been allocated a poster number according to its session and order as indicated in the congress program, which will be matched with the poster number on the top of the poster board.

Posters must be displayed throughout the congress. The poster area will always be open during the congress, but every day from June 16-18, at 12:00-13:00, a chaired poster session will be dedicated for presentations and discussions. The chairman (with the audience) will visit shortly your poster, and you will have the opportunity for a 2 min talk (in front of your poster) about your main result, and 2 min for exchanges with audience. The date and session arrangement is as follows:

Date June 16 June 17 June 18
Group 1 Reproduction Pathology and Hygiene Breeding and Genetics
Group 2 Management and Economics Feeds & Feeding Fur and Wool
Group 3 Quality of product and Processing Ethology and Welfare Nutrition and Digestive Physiology

Authors are kindly requested to remove their posters at the end of the Congress on Saturday , June 18, 2016.

June 16, 12:00-13:00
Reproduction (Zhonghua Hall 2, Group 1)
Chair: P. G. Rebollar
R-P-1 A potential role for coenzyme Q10 as energy and antioxidant agent in embryo production from follicular oocytes in rabbits. Abdel-Khalek A.E., , El-Ratel I.T., Younan G.E., Sara F. Fouda, Wafa W.N., El-Nagar H. (Egypt)
R-P-2 Characterization of the protein fraction of milk produced by two genetic types of rabbits in the region of Tizi-Ouzou.
Amroun T.T., Bianchi L., Zerrouki-Daoudi N., Lebas F., Charlier M., Devinoy E., Martin P., Miranda G. (Algeria)
R-P-3 Diagnostic of gestation: effect of plant extract on rabbit embryonic viability.
Bebin K., Destombes N., Robert R., Fournier E., Briens C., Gardan-Salmon D. (France)
R-P-4 Effect of free l-carnitine added to maturation medium on in vitro maturation, fertilization and culture of rabbit oocytes.
El-Ratel I.T., Younan G.E., Sara F.F., Wafa W.N., El-Nagar H., Abdel-Khalek A.E. (Egypt)
R-P-5 Effect of different nest materials on performance of rabbit does.
Farkas T.P., SzendrőZs., MaticsZs., Radnai I., Mayer A., GerencsérZs. (Hungary)
R-P-6 Gestation length, litter size at birth and their effects on gestation gain, kindling loss, mean kit weight and survival in domestic rabbit in Nigeria.
Fayeye, T.R., Ayorinde, K.L. (Nigeria)
R-P-7 OLIRAV: A simple, disposable rabbit artificial vagina device/procedure.
Ola S.I.(Nigeria)
R-P-8 Pregnancy diagnosis: a new, non-invasive method to estimate the prolificacy potential during rabbit gestation.
Robert R., Bebin K., Loussouarn V., Dobe P., Gardan-Salmon D., Destombes N., Briens C. (France)
R-P-9 Preimplantational study in rabbit does supplemented with n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids.
Rodríguez M., Febrel N., López-Tello J., García-García R.M., Arias-Álvarez M., Millán P., Formoso-RaffertyN., Lorenzo P.L., Rebollar P.G. (Spain)
R-P-10 Effects of immunization against inhibin on the semen quality in Rex rabbits in summer.
Wang F., Wu Y., Qin Y. (China)
R-P-11 Phenotypic variation of teat number in Chuanbai Rex rabbit and association with SNPs polymorphism of ESR and FSHβ genes.
Zhang K., Chen S., Du D., Fu X., Wen B., Liu N., Xu C., Yu Z., Jian W., Wang P., Guo X., Wang L., Yang H., He G., Liu H. (China)
R-P-12 Dietary quercetin might alleviate heat stress-induced testicular histopathological changes in rabbits.
Zahid N., Erkmen T.E., Ejaz A., Emrah İ., Ayşe N.A., Melih A., Nihat T. (Turkey)
Management and Economics (Zhonghua Hall 2, Group 2)
Chair: L. Wu
M-P-1 Evaluation of milk production in New Zealand rabbits and use of controlled breastfeeding to decrease mortality in young rabbits.
Luis A. H. F., Fernando U. Q., Florencia G. S. ( Col El Salado)
M-P-2 Effects of weaning age on carcass quality of rabbits reared on smallholder farms in Kenya.
Mahunguane S. J. S., Ambula M. K1., Bebe B. O. (Kenya)
M-P-3Forecasting the price change of coarse rabbit wool by the technical analysis indicators.
Nie J., Wu L. P., Ju R. H. (China)
M-P-4 Consumer demand for rabbit meat in urban China: 2011-2015.
Gao Y., Zheng Z. H. (China)
M-P-5 The current situation and developing prospects of packaging of Chinese rabbit meat products.
Li S., He Z. F., Li H. J. (China)
M-P-6 Critical requirements for undergraduate training curriculum in rabbit production in less developed countries.
Oseni S.O., Lukefahr S.D.(Nigeria)
M-P-7 Energy balance and atmosphere management parameters of buildings for rabbits.
Menini F.X., Dorchies P., Salaün J.M., Tétrel P. (France)
M-P-8 The development prospects of rabbit sector in Tunisia based on a value chain diagnosis.
Ouertani E., Dabboussi I., Mejri A.(Tunisia)
M-P-9Dramatic changes of Chinese Angola rabbit industry from 2011 to 2015: reasons, challenges and countermeasures.
Li L. L., Brian S. and Wu L. P. (China)
M-P-10Partial equilibrium analysis and forecast of Chinese rabbit meat market.
Huang D., Wu L. P., Cao F. F., Kang J. P., Brain S. (China)
M-P-11Round table: Reproduction
An analysis of the scale efficiency of meat rabbit industry.
Zhan P., Zhu J. F. (China)
M-P-12An analysis of technical efficiency of meat rabbit breeding industry in China.
Guo Y., Zhu J. F. (China)
M-P-13Determinants of rabbit keeping in south western Nigeria.
Oluwatusin, Femi M. (Nigeria)
M-P-14Rabbit production in Nepal: a solution to food insecurity and poverty.
Chapagain U., Lukefahr S.D. (Nepal)
M-P-15Characterization of rabbit’s productions in the district of Abidjan, Cote d’ivoire.
Kimsé M., Coulibaly K.A.S., Gnanda B.I, Otchoumou A.A. (Côte d’Ivoire)
Quality of Products (Zhonghua Hall 2, Group 3)
Chair: C. Castellini
Q-P-1Effect of dietary selenium levels on blood glutathione peroxidase activity and some meat quality traits of rabbits.
Abdel-Khalek A.M., El-Refaay W.H. and Ragab, Ayat, A. (Egypt)
Q-P-2Total body fat content determination by means of computed tomography (CT) in rabbits.
Donkó T.,Czakó B., Nagy I., Kovács, Gy., Petneházy O., Kasza R., SzendrőZs.,Garamvölgyi, R., MaticsZs.(Hungary)
Q-P-3Divergent selection for total body fat content of growing rabbits 3. Effect on carcass traits and fat content of meat.
SzendrőZs., Kasza R., MaticsZs., Donkó T., GerencsérZs., Radnai I., Cullere M., DalleZotte A. (Hungary)
Q-P-4 Effects of diets with increasing levels of Citrus pulp on meat quality and fatty acid composition of growing rabbits.
Zhifei He, Qiyu Xia, Hongjun Li (China)
Q-P-5 Effect of Slaughtering Age on some Chemical Traits of two Rabbit muscles.
Hongjun Li, Zhifei He, Yana Liu , Shijian Liu, Yinghe Qin, Liu Ying, Hongjie Mao, Xiaoqi Tao, Yingka Yan, Chendou Yang, Shumei Pang (China)
Q-P-6Dietary supplementation of wheat sprouts extract and oxidative status of growing rabbit.
Mattioli S., Castellini C., Martino M., Marsili V., Dal Bosco A. (Italy)
Q-P-7Carcass characteristics, pH and meat color of rabbit fed diets with and without omega-3 dietary supplementation.
Mendoza-Velázquez N., Pérez-Toribio., Sánchez-Torres J.E., Domínguez-Vara I.A. and Felipe-Pérez Y. E. (Mexico)
Q-P-8The evaluation of organoleptic parameters of rabbit meat, was a notable way to promote the rabbit meat consumption.
Moumen.S., Melizi.M, Zerrouki.N(Algeria)
Q-P-9Evaluation of the carcass quality and yield at slaughter in rabbit of local Algerian population reared in the Aures area.
Moumen S., Melizi M., Zerrouki N. (Algeria)
Q-P-10The effect of age and breed on carcass composition and portion yield in rabbits.
M.K. Northa, P. Nkhabutlanea, L.C. Hoffmana (South Africa)
Q-P-11Mass transfer dynamics during salt brining of rabbit meat.
Zhaoming Wang, Zhifei He, Hongjun Li (China)
June 17, 12:00-13:00
Pathology and Hygiene (Zhonghua Hall 2, Group 1)
Chair: A. Camarda
H-P-1 Antimicrobial resistance and drug consumption in rabbit farming.
Agnoletti F, Brunetta R., Bonfanti L., Ferro T., Guolo A., Marcon B., Puiatti C., Bano L. (Italy)
H-P-2 Study of the healing of newborns rabbit farms umbilics (Oryctolaguscuniculus).
Boucher S. Plassiart G., Bignon L. (France)
H-P-3 A new variant of rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus g2-like strain isolated in China.
Bo Hu, Zhiyu Fan, Fang Wang, Yanhua Song, Houjun Wei, Xing Liu, RulongQiu, WeizhongXu, Wanzhe Yuan, JiabinXue. (China)
H-P-4 Ulcerative pododermatitis on a rex rabbit farm, Spain, 2005-2015.
Garcia, J., Rosell, J.M. (Spain)
H-P-5 Methodology of reproduction of colibacillosis on rabbits: effect of the age at inoculation and the strain.
Grand E,Weissman D., Jarrin M., Adelis R., Launay C. (France)
H-P-6 Eimeria media: Selection and characterization of a precocious line.
Gu X., Wang Y., Fang S., Li C., Tao G., Cui P., Suo X., Liu X. (China)
H-P-7 Production characterization and epitope mapping of monoclonal antibodies against different subtypes of rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus.
Jiasen Liu, Desheng Kong , Qian Jiang, Zuo Yu, Xiaoliang Hu, DongchunGuo,Qianqian Huang, Meihui Jiao, Liandong Qu. (China)
H-P-8 Attenuation of Eimeriaintestinalis through selection of a precocious line.
Li C., Wang Y., Tao G., Gu X., Suo X., Liu X. (China)
H-P-9 Identification of two new immunogenic candidates proteins for the development of Bordetellabronchiseptica subunit vaccine.
Liu Y., Chen H., Qin FY.,Wei Q., Xiao CW., Ji QA, Bao GL. (China)
H-P-10 Coenurosis in a wild rabbit. Case report.
Valladares CB, Zamora EJL; Ortega SC; Felipe-Pérez YE; Castro MJ; Velázquez OV; Alonso FMU; Sánchez TJE; Gutiérrez CA; Reyes RNE; Zaragoza BA; Aparicio BJE. (México)
H-P-11 Are pre-weaning health problems transferred to later phases in PARC housed meat rabbits?
Rommers J.M. and de Greef K.H. (Netherlands)
H-P-12 Interest and limits of adding exogenous hard feces in the nest box on the rabbit performances and health before and after weaning.
Shi D., Savietto D., Prigent A.Y., Gidenne T., Colin M., Combes S., Zemb O., Fortun-Lamothe L (France)
H-P-13 Transgenic Eimeria magna expresses eYFP throughout the entire life cycle.
Tao G., Wang Y., Li C, Liu X., Suo X. (China)
H-P-14 Cloning and characterizing profilin gene from rabbit coccidiaEimeria magna.
Tao G., Wang Y., Li C., Gu X, Liu X., Suo X. (China)
H-P-15 Stable transfection of Eimeriaintestinalis and investigation of its life cycle, reproduction and immunogenicity.
Tuanyuan Shi, Geru Tao, Guolian Bao, JingXia Suo, Yuan Fu, Lili Hao, Xun Suo. (China)
H-P-16 Temporal evolution of rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus (RHDV) and impact of vaccination during the RHD epidemic in Spain 2013-2015.
Valls L., Sánchez-Matamoros A., Padrell M.1, Maldonado J. (Spain)
H-P-17 Protection of rabbits against coccidiosis by co-infection with Eimeria magna, E. intestinalis and E. media.
Wang Y.,Tao G., Li C., Gu X., Suo X., Liu X. (China)
H-P-18 Rabbit’s coccidian species in a tropical endemic area.
Kimsé M., Dakouri S.A., Koné M.W., Komoin O. C., Coulibaly M. , Yapi Y.M., Fantodji A.T., Otchoumou A. (Côte d'Ivoire)
H-P-19 Prevalence of pathogenic viruses within Ontario commercial meat rabbits.
X.T. Xie, J. Bil, E. Shantz, J. Hammermueller, P.V. Turner. (Canada)
H-P-20 Prevalence of coccidiosis in domestic rabbits in the three gorges reservoir area of China.
Yang R., Cao L.T., Fu L.Z.,WangY.K.,Tan Q.H., Li C.X., Zhang Y.F., Xu D.F., Wang X.Y. (China)
H-P-21 Interaction of novel RHDV B-cell epitopes with HBGA.
Yanhua Song, Fang Wang, Zhiyu Fan, Bo Hu, Xing Liu, Houjun Wei, JiabinXue, RulongQiu. (China)
H-P-22 Possible deleterious effects of excessive consummation of vitamin E in rabbit performance and health before and after weaning.
Zarraa S., Colin M., Prigent A.Y., Shi D. (France)
Feeds and Feeding (Zhonghua Hall 2, Group 2)
Chair: F. Li
FE-P-1 Effect of dietary zinc levels on some performance traits of doe and weaning rabbits under summer season conditions.
Abdel K., Ragab AA. (Egypt)
FE-P-2 Chemical composition of some tropical forages and coefficient of preference in rabbits.
Abu OA., Turner LS. (Nigeria)
FE-P-3 Effect of housing hygiene conditions and feed intake on specific and inflammatory immune response, bacterial cecal fermentation and survival of rabbits.
Combes S.,Massip K., Martin O., Furbeyre H., Balmisse E., Le Floch N., Zemb O., Oswald IP., Gidenne T. (France)
FE-P-4 Nutritive value of fresh ash (fraxinusangustifolia) leaves for growing rabbits.
Djellal F., Kadi SA., Madani T., Abbas K., Bannelier C., Gidenne T. (Algeria)
FE-P-5 Nutritive value of crude olive cake (oleaeuropaea l.) for growing rabbit.
Dorbane Z., Kadi SA., Boudouma D., Berchiche M., Bannelier C., Gidenne T. (Algeria)
FE-P-6 Interest of a fasting period to improve growth performances of fattening rabbit.
Duperray J., Grand E., Launay C., Laurent JM., Adelis R. ( France)
FE-P-7 Effect of using low protein diet with irradiated tomato pomace on growth performance of growing NZW rabbits.
El-TahanHatem M., Amber Kh., Morsy WA., kotbSalwa G., Farag MD. (Egypt)
FE-P-8 Feeding value of brewer’s grain and maize silage for rabbits.
Guermah H., Maertens L. (Algeria)
FE-P-9 Research on nutrition evaluation of citrus pulp in meat rabbit.
Guo ZQ., Lei M., Li CY., Ren YJ., Kuang LD., Zhen J., Zhang XY., Zhang CX., Yang C., Xie XH. (China)
FE-P-10 Effect of using sugarcane bagasse with or without enzymes in rabbit diets on growth performance of growing rabbits.
Ismail FSA, Elgogry MR., Morsy WA., El-Tahan HM. (Egypt)
FE-P-11 Impact of antibiotherapy and rapidly fermentable fiber in the diet of young rabbit assessed by transcriptomic approaches: preliminary results.
Jacquier V., Combes S., Estelle J., Oswald IP., Gidenne T., Rogel-Gaillard C. (France)
FE-P-12 Feeding quercus ilex acorns to fattening rabbits: effects on growth and carcass characteristics.
Kadi SA., Belaidi-Gater N., Djourdikh S., Aberkane N., Bannelier C., Gidenne T. (Algérie)
FE-P-13 The effects of different coarse fodders in diet to tissue morphology of digestive tract in rex rabbit.
Li Y., RenK.,Cao ., Zheng J., Niu X., Liang M., Wang F., Feng G.(China)
FE-P-14 Effect of feed restriction on growth performance, blood metabolites and liver hormones in rabbits
Lu J., He Z., Shen Y., Dai X., Wang D., Zhang J., Li H. (China)
FE-P-15 Are growing diets providing enough protein to high growth rate rabbits?
Marín-García, PJ., Ródenas L., Martínez-Paredes E., Blas, E., Cervera, C., Pascual JJ. (Spain)
FE-P-16 Effect of energy level in doe diet on intake and performances of young rabbits before and after weaning.
Read T., Combes S., Gidenne T., Destombes N., Balmisse E., Aymard P., Labatut D., Bébin K., Fortun-Lamothe L. (France)
FE-P-17 Effects on intestinal health of weaned-rex rabbits on diets with different NDF levels.
Ren ZJ., Song B., Wang JL., Feng Q.(China)
FE-P-18 A response of feed intake, carcass value and economic return of crossbred rabbits (New Zealand x local) to the mixed or separate feedings.
Thu NV., Dong NTK. (Vietnam)
FE-P-19 The effect of a diet based on whole lupin seed (lupinusalbus cv amiga) on sanitary risk index and the growth of growing-fattening rabbits.
Uhlířová L., Volek Z., Marounek M., Skřivanová E. ( Czech Republic)
FE-P-20 The effect of dried chicory root added to the restrictive feed ration of rabbits on health status, performance and caecal and carcass traits.
Volek Z., Uhlířová L., Marounek M., Tůmová E., Zita L. (Czech Republic)
FE-P-21 Effects of feeding strategy on the maturation of cecalmicrobiota in young rabbits.
Read T., Fortun-Lamothe L., Gidenne T., Destombes N., Cauquil L., Pascal G., Gabinaud B., Balmisse E., Aymard P., Labatut D., Combes S.
( France)
FE-P-22 Comparison of two methods related to the ligneous fraction analysis.
Vastel P., Bouchier M., Rebours G., Faussier G., Coulmier D. (France)
Ethology and Welfare (Zhonghua Hall 2, Group 3)
Chair: Zs. Szendro
W-P-1 Changes of stress indicators in different matrices in growing rabbits before and after transport.
Bertotto D., Radaelli G., Negrato E., Birolo M., Di Martino G., Xiccato G., Trocino A. (Italy)
W-P-2 Definition of indicators to evaluate consciousness of rabbit at the time of slaughter and optimisation of parameters for animal protection.
Bignon L., Boucher S., Rousseau C., Bourin M. (France)
W-P-3 Production of growing rabbits in large pens with and without multilevel platforms.
Farkas T.P., Dal Bosco A., SzendrőZs., Filiou E., MaticsZs., Odermatt M., Radnai I., Paci G., GerencsérZs. (Hungary,Italy)
W-P-4 Preference of rabbit does among different nest materials.
Farkas T. P., SzendrőZs., MaticsZs., Radnai I., Mayer A., GerencsérZs. (Hungary)
W-P-5 Mating behaviour of rabbit does in groups (preliminary results).
GerencsérZs., Kustos K., Szabó R.T., Mikó A., Odermatt M., Radnai I., MaticsZs., SzendrőZs. (Hungary)
W-P-6 Agressivity and its effect on lifespan of group housed rabbit does. preliminary results.
SzendrőZs., MaticsZs., Szabó R.T., Kustos K., Mikó A., Odermatt M., GerencsérZs. (Hungary)
W-P-7 Efficiency of the rabbit underground cell keeping system in reducing heat summer stress.
González-Redondo P., Finzi A. (Spain, Italy)
W-P-8 A modified heat recovery ventilation system for rabbit houses in cold climates in Northeast China.
Liu P., Wang M.Z., An L., Li Q., Liu Z.Y., Tian J. H., Wu Z.H. (China)
W-P-9 Perception of stress factors concerning rabbit transport from the farm to the abattoir.
López M. (Spain)
W-P-10 Performance of rabbit kits originating from collective and individual cages.
Machado L.C., Martinez-Paredes E., Paragliola F., Cervera C. (Brazil, Spain, Italy)
W-P-11 Performance and health status of primiparous rabbits does housed in individual and collective cages.
Machado L.C., Martínez-Paredes E., Paragliota F., Cervera C. (Brazil, Spian, Italy)
W-P-12 Impact of housing system (cage vs. part-time housing) and floor type on rabbit doe welfare.
Maertens L., Buijs S. (Belgium)
W-P-13 Comparison of fattening performances housed in parks or enriched cages.
Maertens L., Buijs S. (Belgium)
W-P-14 Development of a National Code of Practice for Canadian commercial meat rabbit producers.
Turner P.V., Ramsay C.A., and Wepruk J.R. (Canada)
W-P-15 Evaluation of producer attitudes regarding on-farm euthanasia methods for commercial meat rabbits.
Walsh J., Tapscott B., Turner P.V. (Canada)
June 18, 12:00-13:00
Breeding and Genetics (Zhonghua Hall 2, Group 1)
Chair: M. Piles
Chen Yan-feng, Chen Dong-jin, Sun Shi-kun, Sang Lei, XIE Xi-ping, Ding Xiao-hong (China)
G-P-2 Cloning and sequence analysis of nramp1 gene in fujian yellow rabbit.
Chen D.J., Sang L., Sun S.K., Chen Y.F., Xie X.P. (China)
G-P-3 Identification of the rabbit GPR41 and GPR43 genes and their expression pattern in different tissues and developmental stages
FuC.Y., NingL.C., LiuL., LiF. C. (China)
G-P-4 Microrabits: a factorial design to evaluate genetic and maternal effects ongrowth and feed efficiency in a line selected for residual feed intake.
Garreau H., RuescheJ.,Gilbert H., Balmisse E., Benitez F., Richard F., David I.,Drouilhet L., Zemb O.( France)
G-P-5 Divergent selection for total body fat content 1. effect on the reproductive performance of rabbit does
Kasza R.,Donkó T., SzendrőZs., Radnai I.,GerencsérZs., Kacsala L., Farkas T.P., MaticsZs. (Hungary)
G-P-6 Divergent selection for total body fat content of rabbits: 2. effect on productive performance Preliminary results
Kasza R., Donkó T., Szendrő Zs., Radnai I., Gerencsér Zs., Kacsala L., Farkas T.P., Matics Zs( Hungary)
G-P-7 Expression patterns of two genes associated with adipose deposition during growth and development in two rabbit breeds
Kuang L.D., Xie X.H., Lei M., Li C.Y., Ren Y.J., Guo Z.Q., Zheng J., Zhang X.Y., Zhang C.X., Yang C. (China)
G-P-8 Survival analysis of longevity in breeding does.
Lenoir G.,Garreau H.(France)
G-P-9 Genetic analysis of meat quality traits in the progeny of rabbit does coming from a diallel cross
Mínguez C, Sánchez J. P, Hernández P., EL Nagar A.G., Ragab M., Baselga M.(Ecuador)
G-P-10 Developing selection indices for pannon large rabbits selected for average daily gain and thigh muscle volume.
Nagy I., Szendrő, K., GarreauH. ( Hungary)
G-P-11 Performance indices of new zealand white does in south-western nigeria
Oseni S.O., Popoola M. A. ( Nigeria)
G-P-12 The CRP promoter polymorphism of domestic rabbits. Preliminary study.
Ondruska L., Parkanyi V., Vasicek D. (Slovakia)
G-P-13 Viability and prolifcacy traits in diallel crosses of four rabbit breeds
Ponce de León R. E., García Y., Guzmán G. S., Fraga L. M. (Cuba)
G-P-14 Comparison of the genetic parameters and evolution of two raised populations separately but with the same origin and renewed from the same nucleus.
Robert R., Li M., Garreau H. (France)
G-P-15 Sequence analysis of cdna encoding fujian yellow rabbit inhibin βa subunit precursor protein.
Sang L., Chen D.J., Sun S.K., Chen Y.F., Xie X.P.(China)
Savietto D., Ródenas L., Martínez-Paredes E., Pascual J.J. (France)
G-P-17 Using collective feed intake data to select for feed efficiency on full or restricted feeding regimen.
Sánchez J.P., Ramon J., Rafel, O., Ragab M. , Piles M.( Spain)
Wang J.1., Elzo M.A., Jia X., Chen S., Lai S. (China)
G-P-19 Characteristics and performances of the Fujian White Rabbit
XIE Xi-ping,CHEN Dong-jin,SUN Shi-kun,SANG Lei, CHEN Yan-feng, LAN Yang-sheng,LIN Ping-ping (China)
G-P-20 Single nucleotide polymorphisms in the rabbit toll-like receptor 1 (tlr1), tlr4 and tlr5 genes
Zhang X.Y., Li C.Y., Zhang C.X., Zheng J., Yang C., Kuang L.D., Ren Y.J., Guo Z.Q., Lei M., Huang D.P., Deng X.D., Xie X.H. (China)
Fur and Wool (Zhonghua Hall 2, Group 2)
Chair: D. Allain
F-P-1 Optimum wool harvest of Angora rabbits.
Bai L.Y., Yang L.P., Gao S.X., Sun H.T., Jiang W.X.* (China)
F-P-2 Research on quality of Rex rabbit hide in paramos climate zone of HulunBuir area in Inner Mongolia.
Cui J.H., Liu A.R., Lv S.Q., Shi J.L., Zhang Z.C., Cheng Y.B. (China)
F-P-3 Determination of formaldehyde and glutaraldehyde in rabbit fur by HPLC.
Dai H., Zheng Z. X., Liu D., Zhang Z. C.* (China)
F-P-4 The MLPH expression is decreased in rabbits owning a dilution of coat colour.
Demars J.*, Iannuccelli N., Utzeri V.J., Fontanesi L., Allain D. (France)
F-P-5 Location of genes associated with hair length of rabbit.
Huang D.W., Zhao H.L.*, Cheng G.L., Zhao X.W., Yang Y.X., Wang X.F., Xu J. (China)
F-P-6 The assessment of the influence of cysteine dosage in feed on rex skin's quality.
Li B.J., Wen B.*, Liu H., Zhang Z.C., Fu X.C., Wang P. (China)
F-P-7 The formaldehyde-free tanning method of Rex skin based on Zirconium-Aluminum complex tanning agent.
Liu H., Liu H.Y., Chen Y.Y., Li S.L., Zhang Z.C.* (China)
F-P-8 The influence of low temperature plasma on dyeing of rex fibers.
Liu H. Y., Jiang Y. P., Liu H., Li L.X., Zhang Z. C.* (China)
F-P-9 Characterization of the micro structure and antibacterial properties of the hair fiber modified by PEGylated Chitosan.
Luo Q.Q., Gao H.Q., Peng L.H., Liu G.Y., Zhang Z.C.* (China)
F-P-10 Wan strain Angora rabbit——a novel breed in China.
Zhao H.L.*, Huang D.W., Chen S., Cheng G.L., Yang Y.X., Zhao X.W., Wang X.F., Xu J. (China)
F-P-11 Study of suitable supplementation of pantothenic acid to growing Rex rabbits.
Zhao N., Liu G. Y., Zhu Y. L., Wu Z. Y., Liu L., Li F. C.* (China)
Nutrition and Digestive Physiology (Zhonghua Hall 2, Group 3)
Chair: T. Gidenne
N-P-1 Effect of dietary supplementation with potential antioxidants and tannins on growing rabbit performance during summer season.
Abdel-Khalek A.M., Greash M.K. (Egypt)
N-P-2 Changes in blood parameters in post-weaning rabbits fed by different fibre or starch dietary level.
Bălăceanu R.A., Cotor G., Codreanu I., Stoica L., Dojană N. (Romania)
N-P-3 Serum digestive enzyme activity before and after weaning in rabbits fed on protein, starch or fiber enriched diets.
Bălăceanu R.A., RaităȘt., Tobă G.L., Stoica L., Dojană N. ( Romania)
N-P-4 One week feed restriction in early weaned rabbits: 2- slaughter parameters and muscle fibre characteristics.
Chodová D., Tůmová E., Volek Z. (Czech)
N-P-5 Utilization of different plant leaf meals by growing rabbits.
Dairo F.A.S., Agunbiade S.O., Durojaiye B.,Onisile D.S. (Nigeria)
N-P-6 Effect of a low energy feed given ad libitum on preparation of young rabbit females for their reproductive career- preliminary results.
Dorchies P., Menini F.X., Salaün J.M., Bourdillon A., Tétrel P. (France)
N-P-7 Additional solid feed for suckling kits - effect of thyme supplementation.
Kacsala L., SzendrőZs., GerencsérZs., Radnai, I., Kasza, R., Odermatt M., MaticsZs. (Hungary)
N-P-8 Effects of dietary vitamin b6 on the non-specific immune response of growing rabbits.
Liu G.Y., Zhao N., Zhu Y.L., Wu Z.Y., Liu L., Li F.C. (China)
N-P-9 Acetate inhibits hypothalamic jnk signaling in rabbits.
Liu L., Sui X., Li F. (China)
N-P-10 Effects of dietary citrus pulp on growth performance, blood metabolites of rabbits.
Lu J., Long X.,, He Z., Yang Y., Shen Y., Pan Y., Zhang S., Li H. (China)
N-P-11 Growth and expression of Cabp-D8K in small intestine of the rabbit, according to wavelengths of light.
Pan X., Qin F., Yang J., Pan Y., Shao L., Li S., Zhang L., Wang J. (China)
N-P-12 Effect of dietary arginine on rabbit growth and mRNA expression of gm-csf in jejunum.
Qin F., Pan X.Q., Yang J., Shao L., Li S., Zhang L.L., Li J. (China)
N-P-13 Effects of bacillus coagulans on performance and intestinal physiology of growing rabbits.
Ren YJ., Zhu L., Xie X.H., Kuang L.D., Guo Z.Q., Zhang X.Y., Li C.Y., Yang C., Zhang C.X., Zheng J., Lei M. (China)
N-P-14 One week feed restriction in early weaned rabbits:1- performance and internal organs development.
Tůmová E., Chodová D. (Czech)

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